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Suggested Route

We suggest you walk up from the carpark to the Ring of Brodgar and delay listening to the recordings until you are past the crowds. At the Ring walk in an anti-clockwise direction (to the right) and head towards the path to the RSPB Reserve through a wild flower meadow down to the Loch of Stenness.

Overlooking the loch is a bench where you can choose to pause if you desire.

You can then return the way you came back up the path to the Ring.

Without pauses, this would take c. half an hour but you can pause, and replay as many times as you like.

Alternatively, you may choose to follow the entire RSPB Reserve path alongside the loch, returning via the Comet Stone and back up to the Ring. This walk will take c. 40 mins - 1 hour without pauses.

You may, of course, choose to just walk around the Ring itself. The poems are inspired by the experience of walking down the RSPB path itself but you can imagine that just as well as you walk around the Ring. If you go at night, you’ll have to use your imagination anyway!