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How to

Rewilding: Brodgar Poetry/Sound Walk (Orkney) can be experienced in two ways:

  1. In person at the Ring of Brodgar and the surrounding RSPB Brodgar Nature Reserve listening to the recordings using your own smartphone and headphones;
  2. At home or anywhere you can access the Internet, view the website to read the text of the poems and listen to the poetry/sound recordings.

In Person

There is no Internet access at the Brodgar site. Please download the audio in advance.

You can download the audio to listen with your own device while walking the site.

Download full audio (MP3)

You can visit the Ring of Brodgar and Nature Reserve at any time you like. If you can, go at dawn (or at least early morning) or dusk (half an hour before sunset) to avoid the crowds and maybe hear a few real birds as well as those on the recordings.

Suggested route

At Home

Listen at home or anywhere you like via the website.